School Uniform

Summer Uniform

1. (a) Boys: (i) full sleeved Sky-blue lining white shirt and Navy-Blue Full pants from vi on word with School logo. (ii) Full sleeved Sky-blue lining white shirt and Navy-Blue Full pants From Nursery to class V –with school logo. (b) Girls: (i) full sleeved Sky-blue lining white shirt and navy- blue V neck tunic ( v) School logo. (ii) Full sleeved Sky-blue and half sleeved sky blue lining white blouse from vionwards School logo.

2. Black shoes and sky- blue striped white socks.

3. Black ribbon / Black hair- band.

4. Navy-blue belt with school Monogram and tie.

Winter Uniform

(a) Boys:

  • Navy-blue full pants for all classes.
  • Navy-blue (V neck) woolen Pullover from Nursery to U.K.G
  • Navy-blue woolen Pullover(V neck) and blazer from 1st onward.

(b) Girls:
  • Navy-blue stoking.
  • Navy-blue tunic with school logo.
  • Navy-blue woolen Pullover (V neck) or blazer from nursery to U.K.G.
  • Navy-blue Pullover (V neck) or blazer from 1st onward.
  • Navy-blue skirt from VI onwards.

Dress on Wednesday.

(a) Boys: White Full/half sleeves shirt and white half pants/full pants
(b) Girls:
(i) Full/half sleeved white shirt and white tunic (Nursery to V)
(ii) White skirt and white full/half sleeved blouse from VI onward
2. White canvas shoes with shoes with white socks, white stocking (in winter) for girls.


  • Tuition fee will be charged for twelve months a year.
  • Monthlyfee will be depositedquarterly as APRIL, JULY, OCTOBER and JANUARY in the school office.
  • In case of non-pay mean of prescribed fee within the fixed time a fine of 100/- will be charges till 30thof the month. After a fine of 200/- will be charged in next month.
  • If the fees remain unpaid beyond two months, the name of the student will be struck of the rolls and the student may be re-admission at the discretion of the principal on payment of all arrears and re-admission fee.
  • Transfer Certificate on withdrawal are issued only after all dues to the school have been cleared.
  • No reduction in any fees will be made for continued absence on any ground.
  • Duplicate Transfer Certificate are not issued.

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