Student Curriculum

The course of study followed in the school is in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the C.B.S.E., Delhi. The curriculum includes the following subjects.

PRE-PWMARY (Nursery, L.K.G, U.K.G.)

Hindi, English, Math’s, E.V.S.

I & II:

Hindi, English, Math’s, E.V.S., Computer Gernal Knowledge, Drawing Craft S.U.P.W., Music


Hindi, English, Math’s, E.V.S. , Computer Gernal Knowledge, Drawing Craft S.U.P.W., Music


Hindi, English, Math’s, E.V.S., Computer Gernal Knowledge, Drawing Craft S.U.P.W., and physical education, Music, Computer

IX & X

Hindi, English, Math’s, Science, S.St. & Computer


Hindi, English, Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy.

Computers Science Education:

Computer science Education has become necessity in contemporary society. Computer Science is a compulsory subject from 1st on awards. At our junior wings as well as the senior Wing, we have full equipped computers room with the best machines for the purpose. We have qualified and competent computer teachers to guide our students.

Co-Curricular Activites

Dramatis, Elocution and debating, creative writing, Literacy campaign and Adult education and other useful hobbies are also conducted as co-curricular activities.

Progress Report:

1. Parents are kept informed of the academic attainment of their children through the progress report which is sent out periodically at the end of each period of assessment. The final report sent out the end of the academic year indicates the average grade obtained by the student in each subject in the course of the year.
2. Parents are required to bear in mind that these periodic reports are based on the assessment made by the staff of a student’s attainment and attitude, and that character and ability of children.

Promotion Criteria:

1. The promotion of a child does not depend entirely on the result of a single annual examination. The school has a system of continuous valuation. To qualify for promotion a child must fulfill the following condition : (a) She/he should have attended the pass standard in three compulsorysubjects. English, Science, mathematics by the end of academic year. The pass percentage in each subject as well as in agree gate is 40.

2. (a) Should a child fail to qualify for promotion for two consecutive years he will be required to be withdraw from the school.
(b) Disciplinary action will be taken against any child who is found to have used unfair means in the periodic tests and annual examination and should the child concerned contain to repeats the offence he/she will be required to be withdraw.
(c) Any boy or girl who would become two years above the average age of the class by His/her requiring to be detained in on account of his/her not qualifying for promotion shall be asked to withdrawn from the school.
(d) No argument by the parents for underserving promotion will be entertained.


1. A clear calendar months’ notice in writing or terms’ fee in lieu of notice be given before a pupil can be withdrawn.
2. The principal can, in the interested school, have a student removed from the School for the following reasons.
(a) Where, in his opinion, the student presence may be detrimental to the interest of the other students.
(b) Where the student fails to come up to the required academic standard expected of him/her. This would be in the interest of the student so that he/she may leave the school when he/she is still young enough of benefit by joining a school more suitableto Him/her.

Our Toppers-2020

Roushan Dubey 94.0%

Kashis Jaiswal 92.8 %
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